18 wheeler truck simulator

 1_18_wheeler_truck_simulatorGame description:

Our Big Truck 18 Wheeler Truck Simulator game just grew
Tighten the belt! This huge 18-wheel truck driving simulator time to have some fun with.
Joy is ready! 18-wheeled monster truck driver and driving heavy handed materials skills.transport test, but be careful and do not drop anything on.

 18 Wheeler Truck Simulator Game Features:
– Change camera view
– Very realistic physics
– Very accurate simulator
– 20 exciting levels
– Realistic construction environment
– Amazing graphics and music / sound.
– Are you ready for quick playing time there is a major challenge for truckers!
– Beautiful graphics with true 3D environment, large open world around driver

Version: Android 2.3 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[40 MB]
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