3D Parallax Weather v1.6 Apk


3D Parallax Weather Apk – is a wonderful weather application for Android users. All packed in iOS 7 weather app like beautiful visualizations.

Beautiful and realistic visualizations are generated in real time using the latest OpenGL technology allowing for seamless daytime to nighttime transitions and fluid movement.

The amount of rain or snow actually mirrors the current weather conditions, clouds will move according to the current wind speed, the position of Sun is based on actual Sunrise and sunset times and even the brightness and the color of sky is based on live data.

Watch the lens flare effect as you move your device around on a sunny day, see the volume and depth of the clouds on a cloudy day pr watch the raindrops settle on the screen on a rainy day.

Key Features:-

  • Real world weather beautifully rendered using real weather data
  • Current weather details displayed as a notification (Can be disabled)
  • True 3D Parallax depth effect using an unlimited number of layers (Can be disabled)
  • Parallax effect on raindrops and snowflakes
  • Smooth daytime to nighttime transitions
  • Color palette and the position of the moon and the sun based on the current sunrise and sunset times
  • Cloud movement based on the actual current wind speed
  • See twinkling stars on a clear nighttime sky
  • Special effects like Lens Flare reacting to device movement, thunder and lightning or raindrops on glass effect
  • Automatically detects your location and changes the weather on screen to match
  • Raining all the time where you live? Set the location manually to anywhere in the world
  • No ongoing background services
  • Does not use GPS, no battery draining network calls

What’s New in v1.6 Apk

  • Consolidated weather providers data for best results
  • Added new sunrise/sunset sky color set
  • Fixed wrong time of the day bug in some locations

3D Parallax Weather v1.6 Apk


  • From Google Drive
  • More info from Google Play Store


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