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Adsense Settings – wire transfer in India SWIFT Codes (all Banks )

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Adsense Settings - wire transfer in India SWIFT Codes

Adsense wire transfer in India SWIFT Codes for Banks.

Now the attributes need to wire transfer to those banks
-> When you click on “Add Payment Form” (In Adsense A/c)

You will find the following option.
1. Payee Name-
2. Account Number-
3. Name of Bank-
4. SWIFT Code-
5. IIFSC Code-

1. Payee Name-

-> Its the name where you would transfer the Adsense Payment.
-> Payee Name should be match with your bank a/c payee name.
->For wire transfer transactions, it is not mandatory to have same bank account holder name and Adsense account name. [/b] (Confirmed By Adsense team)

2. Account Number-[/b]- this is simply you bank A/c number.

[b]3. Name of Bank-[/b] – Put the name of your bank, like STATE BANK OF INDIA or UNION BANK OF INDIA.

[b]4. SWIFT Code-[/b]- now this is most confusing part we are facing.  well its not complicated. just go through the points.
-> All banks in India is a member of  SWIFT.
-> That means, [b]all Banks[/b] India is able to convert foreign currency to INR and vise versa.
->That does not mean- “all Branch’s of all banks can do it”, well this does not mean that we wont get the payment. but how?
–>Most of the branches present in the City has their own SWIFT Code unlike the Village / rural area branches.
–>Suppose a branch (of any bank)which is  present in a village or in small town. Now why this branch will participated in conversion of foreign currency? is there too many foreigner are roaming in that area? well [b]No[/b] in this case, normally most of the branches does not have its own SWIFT code.
->So what does happen with the Adsense publisher like us who love to get the payment in that branch.
-> In this case, you can use the SWIFT Code of the branch which is present minimum distance with your branch.
-> Now both of the branch i.e [b]branch having SWIFT Code[/b] and [b]Your Branch[/b] has to come under same BANK NAME.

-> For e.g. you have SBI A/c present in Banaras Branch, UP, and this branch does not have it own SWIFT code so you can use SBI Lucknow branch SWIFT Code for the Adsense  payment conversion. (please check Bank official website for SWIFT Code)

[b]5. IIFSC Code-[/b]
-> Well this simply a code which is unique to any bank to any branch, all branch have their unique IIFSC Code, doesn’t matter whether you are belongs from a City or Village, you can find it on “Pass Book” / Check Book/ bank website/ or visit to your branch.

How wire transfer works-

Check the pics attached
If you would like add/share/correct any points please share with all of us, because end of the we all work under Google and gets paid.

Most of the Indian Banks have their unique BIC code. But the International Wired Transfer is not available at all branches. Only Specialized branches have facilities of wired payment internationally using SWIFT BIC.

If you are a Google AdSense user and want to link your bank account with Google AdSense and having difficulty due to non-availability of SWIFT BIC branch near your location, then this post really helps you.

I Just follow these steps to link your bank account with Google AdSense from a branch which does not have their BIC code.

  • 1.       Open a Bank account in Nearest State Bank of India Branch or use your current SBI account
  • 2.       Now open your Google AdSense account
  • 3.       Click on Setting Gear at right side on the top of the site page.
  • 4.       Click on Payments & select payment mode
  • 5.       Fill the required information & in SWIFT-BIC use SBININBBFXD
  • 6.       Check on “Set this form as Primary”
  • 7.       Click on Save. That’s it.

Set this as Primary payment Method and Make sure Unhold the Payment. Do this CHanges before 21st of the Month. I did on 22nd and Still I Got Money on 25th.

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