ai.type Keyboard Plus v5.1.2 Apk


ai.type Keyboard Plus v5.1.2 Apk

ai.type Keyboard Plus v5.1.2 Apk intelligent keyboard with context sensitive text production, auto correction, auto learning, undo/redo navigation capabilities. and cool.

The keyboard also learns your unique words and style of writing. Just type your text normally and it will keep learning. The learning model is stored on device itself and is not shared with our servers.

  • Suggest your next word
  • Complete your current word
  • Corrects your spelling as you type
  • Auto corrects your types when you hit the spacebar
  • Automatically learns your common words and style
  • Allows skin customization, colors, background, images

What’s new

  • Fixed emoji crash
  • Performance on theme gallery
  • Improved Google Drive backup UI
  • Remove ads
  • Live pack 3 animated themes, add live animation

ai.type Keyboard Plus v5.1.2 Apk

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