Alarm Clock Xtreme Timer v5.5.4 Apk

Our smart alarm clock includes features that prevent excessive snoozing and get you out of bed. It also comes with built-in timer, stopwatch and brand new sleep tracker.

  • Music alarm choose your favorite music.
  • Crescendo gentle alarm volume ramp up.
  • Random song alarm.
  • Math problem solving to snooze/disable.
  • Extra-large snooze button.
  • Nap alarm with countdown timer.
  • Decreasing snooze duration after every snooze.
  • Set a maximum number of snoozes.
  • Auto-snooze.
  • Auto-dismiss.
  • Built-in Timer.


* Performance and stability improvements
* New! Join our beta group and be the first to see new features and designs:

Alarm Clock Xtreme Timer v5.5.4 Apk

We recommend to purchase/buy this app from play-store or official website to enjoy App without interruption. This Apk file is for Trial/Home use only.


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