Amazing MP3 Recorder Full v0.10.28 Apk

MP3/WAV/OGG Voice Record, Call Recorder, Field Recorder, Real-time voice changer. Call Recorder (manual incoming/outgoing, auto incoming), WAV/OGG, Field Recorder and all other features are free.

  • Voice Recorder.
  • Lecture / Field Recorder.
  • Effects (monitor in earphones).
  • Voice Changer.
  • Call Recorder.
  • Background recording.
  • Record with Power button.
  • Tested 100 hour continuous.
  • TalkBack/blind user friendly.
  • Tasker and NFC button support.
  • Large Buttons (visible in sunlight)
  • Vibration Feedback
  • Sound Feedback (Settings – Vibration & Sound)
  • Remove buttons (Settings – Show Buttons)


0.10.28: Added 96kHz, 192kHz Sample Rate (Marshmallow+). Some devices support these rates natively as well. TalkBack users: added Settings – TalkBack settings to reduce record button labels, and reduce Settings summary text.
0.10.20: Click Settings – Show Buttons – Gesture Overlay – and turn On. Try our Gestures: Amazing MP3 Recorder app for full screen gestures to control recording in this app.
0.10.14: For Google Pixel call recording use ‘Nexus’ setting.

Amazing MP3 Recorder Full v0.10.28 Apk

We recommend to purchase/buy this app from play-store or official website to enjoy App without interruption. This Apk file is for Trial/Home use only.


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