Bass Booster Pro Music EQ v2.2 Apk

Bass Booster Pro Music EQ v2.2 Apk

Bass Booster Pro Apk Music EQ is an amazing application for Android users. Bass Booster Pro will make bigger your bass at a most and provide you with a greater high quality sound any place you might be.

Key Features:-

  • A bass booster. Click on the audio system icon to raise your bass extent at a most and toughen the standard of your sound
  • The Dooper virtualizer. Dooper will become your sound giving it extra deoth and echo and make you feel like you are at concert
  • The wave equalizer. Play together with your track frequencies. Modify each bass and trebles as you adore and reveal in a personalized song listening experience
  • A quite simple and intuitive interface
  • Media extent keep an eye on
  • Can run in the background

Bass Booster Pro Music EQ v2.2 Apk

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