Callizer v1.4.3 Apk

Callizer is a simple tool to help you organize your work life. Remembering appointments and details after a call can be hard in busy or stressed environments. Don’t worry, download Callizer.

At the end of a phone call, Callizer opens automatically so you can quickly schedule the booked appointment or save a reminder. The Premium version also allows you to give immediate confirmation by email or text message to your client, so none of you will forget.

The appointment is already pre-compiled and ready to be saved in your calendar. all you need to do is add date and time.

By the time you’ve finished your call, the reminder (precompiled like the appointment) will be ready to be saved right away. You won’t have time to forget anything.

You can customize the settings as you like: the duration of the popup, the length of appointments and the calendar of your smartphone on which the appointments will be saved. You can also choose to disable Callizer anytime.


Overall improvements and fixes
Added privacy policy

Callizer v1.4.3 Apk

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