Cameringo+ Effects camera v2.3.0 Apk

Cameringo+ Effects camera v2.3.0 Apk

Cameringo+ Effects camera Apk download for Android. With a simple yet stylish interface, this photographic camera app includes a large variety of filters in lightning fast real time, such as several LOMO and Lofi effects.

You can create little planet photos with stenographic filters adjusting the intensity levels, or just use the preset tiny planet, All filters are customizable.

With the easiest panorama mode that you can find, The panorama natural mode gives you full control over the final result. Try using different filters, people or object in each shot to create unique panoramic image. Your imagination is the only limit.

With the unique cameringo view finder, now you can keep shooting while in photo review mode, allowing comparison of  the last photo taken against the live image. The horizon level indicator gives you now better control over the angle of the photo.

Record GIF animations with all the available effects. You can also change the recording speed to produce funny gif animations, or even record in reverse mode.

What’s new in v2.3.0 Apk

  • Improved filters
  • Many internal optimizations
  • 9 new filters

Cameringo+ Effects camera v2.3.0 Apk

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