CATCH ‘EM – BOT Pokemon GO


CATCH ‘EM – Pokemon GO BOT With Modern & Clean UI (Anti Softban)

BOT Pokemon GO which I will share this time will be a little different with a bot that I share previously . Catch ’em is a bot pokemon that go where you can be free to set the course bot and also you can control the device android emulator which will you wear . Besides of course in this bot pasted anti softban . The advantages of Catch ‘ em this is certainly at the zoom , because the bot has a view that is not boring and very easy to use for people and also the bot is able to run multiple accounts pokemon go , so you are happy the make multi bot does not need to be tired anymore open many applications bot , simply by wearing these boots you can run multiple accounts .


  • Force Move: just double click on the Map and you will force the bot to move in that direction.
  • Full proxy support avoid those IP bans that are becoming common!
  • Settings are configured via the GUI, no more text based config files to deal with.
  • Set the ‘Start Location’ for the bot simply by opening the Map and double-click your desired position.
  • The UI offers full control over your Pokemon, your inventory & much more.
  • MoveSpeedFactor slider : adjust the speed of your bot as desired.
  • The map will follow the bot as it moves and farms for you keep an eye on it!

How to Use ?

  1. Open the app first Pokemon GO bots that you have downloaded.
  2. Then , click add new bot and write the name of her profile.
  3. Next, press the profile that you have created and set the course of bot.
  4. Click start bot
  5. That’s it. Enjoy.

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