CPU Spy Reloaded Monitor Pro 2.41 Apk


CPU Spy Reloaded Monitor Pro

CPU Spy reads your phone’s CPU state information and displays it as easily readable charts.

– View CPU state statistics
– View CPU information.
– View Device information.
– View GPU information.
– View battery information.
– View real time CPU clock speed
– View the time (and %) your phone spent in deep sleep.
– Ability to reset and reset CPU state information.
– Black and White themes.

The new CPU Spy reloaded is candy to your material craving eyes.It was designed following google’s material design guidelines.

It’s the perfect tool for debugging battery drains and device overheating. It will be a great addition to your power user arsenal. It’s can be used to debug battery drains with new kernels and new ROMs.

Supported languages: Russian (DumF0rGaming), Italian (Nicola Corona), Polish (Chamelleon), Brazil ( ervânio Lima), Croatian (David Boca), Arabic (IbrahimGla), German (Marc Napitupulu), Hungarian (Emma), Dutch (bthefirst), Slovak (qer509), Swedish (Helluuu), Vietnamese (Trung Nhân), Persian (begeek.ir). Thank you guys.

Sorry for the late update guys, I broke my arm in a motorcycle accident and I was recovering. Here are the changes:
– Marshmallow support
– Fixed reset on battery full
– Fixed light theme on some devices
– Fixed font size on some devices
– A crude method to detect big.LITTLE – won’t work consistently
– Crash fixes

App Info

Version: 2.41
Uploaded here: October 01, 2016
File size: 2.3 MB
Android version required: 4.0+
Developer: Vibhinna Apps

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