Custom ROM Manager v3.2.6 Apk

Custom ROM Manager is an app which brings all your zip files in one place, determines which of them are ROMs, GApps and sorts them accordingly, lets you select them to flash, and then will boot your phone into recovery and flash the files in the order you selected.

  • Simple, neat design based on Material Design guidelines..
  • Scans the entire file system for zip files and brings them in one place. And its quite fast..
  • It sees the name of the zips and determines which of them are ROMs, GApps. Others go to ‘Others’ section. Popular ROMs even have their respective logo shown..
  • There is now an option to load previously scanned zips almost instantly instead of scanning all over again.
  • Search through your tonnes of zips to find the right one..
  • Tap on any card to select it for flashing, you can also wipe cache/data before flashing the file. Once done, tap the card again to confirm the changes and add it to flash queue. You can now even update wipe parameters and even remove a zip from flash queue if it was already selected for flashing..
  • Selected multiple files for flashing?, tap the floating button and review what you have selected for flashing. You can clear the queue ofcourse..
  • After review and confirmation, the phone will boot into recovery and flash in the order you selected.


– Fixed “zips deleted by the app were re-appearing because of cache”.
– Performance improvements.

Custom ROM Manager v3.2.6 Apk

We recommend to purchase/buy this app from play-store or official website to enjoy App without interruption. This Apk file is for Trial/Home use only.


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