Dead target: Zombie rising – Game

Game description:

Dead space is covered all humanity. Doom growth, death and destruction in our lives imperial civilization rises out migration across the cemetery.
In a world overrun dead, alive … but for how long?
In the dark of a night, XENON Queen Grave aliens into his first invasion of the town’s cemetery virus action, leaving the earth.
And carving of the dead rising from the grave to go to town! Only you can stop this revolution zombies! Doomsday is coming!
, Buckshot, guns, bombs and special weapons Click atomic bomb to kill many zombies will help you take advantage of multiple weapons such massive losses do not.
Unlock powerful zombie bosses and big foot booth upgrades new weapon upgrades
Stop all the zombies attack by bombardment. You will get great rewards when completed, will earn money and get diamonds to achieve. It grows increasingly crowded and easier you upgrade your weapons and zombie team will help you to cope.
– Growth of zombies in each level.
– Walking dead is not our enemy. Please step over the ball and moving them freestyle limit.
– Level 20, bigfoot and heavy walking zombie boss massive overkill.
– 15 types of zombies and dangerous opportunities with one Boss.
– 20 levels with increasing difficulty.
– Store weapons work very abundance upgrades
– Vivid sound effects and animations
– 3 characters in the game: Oscar, Sniper, Bomber
– Have completed their awards and rewards every day, every hour level
– Localized in two languages: English, Vietnamese.
– As well as the old games, but it is one of the best shooting games.
Action games Zombie flood and smash Let’s GO challenging levels. Rising zombie game really fun and cool game for men. Play to kill the final boss level and become a winner!

Version: Android 4.0 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[40 MB]
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