eCar PRO v1.03.20 Apk

eCar PRO Apk

eCar PRO v1.03.20 Apk An OBD Bluetooth adapter that connects to your car’s engine management / OBD port is required. Common adapters include BAFX, ELM327, OBDLink LX, & VGate and can be purchased on websites such as eBay.

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes): Check & clear Check Engine Light. View confirmed, pending, and historic DTC. Continuous monitoring available for viewing engine fault codes as they appear in real time. Already have a DTC from another code reader? Then use the built in DTC SES Library to retrieve code descriptions.

Vehicle Sensors: Engine sensor data is displayed in real-time in Gauge, Graph, and Text formats. Enhanced gauges specific to each sensor are provided. Relevant sensor parameters are shown on each gauge including Min & Max values. Includes adjustable graph time axis.

Oxygen Sensors: View real-time O2 sensor values and monitor the health of the vehicle’s catalytic converters. Performs a comparison of O2 sensors.

eCar PRO v1.03.20 Apk

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