Exo planets Explorer 3D HD v2.6.4 Apk


Exo planets Explorer 3D HD Apk

Exo planets Explorer 3D HD v2.6.4 Apk application for Android users. Exoplanet Explorer presents interactive 3D models of real solar systems and visualizes planets that have been discovered around distant stars.

The intuitive interface is easy to use and the built-in filtering tool makes it simple to find worlds that you are interested in. You can search and sort by name or the number of objects in a system, to name just a few of the many options.

Key features:

  • Beautiful HD graphics with awesome music and sound effects
  • Easy to use and understand, with intuitive controls
  • Over one thousand systems to explore
  • Real planets around real stars
  • A great tool for anyone interested in space or astronomy
  • The fastest way to travel light years through space

Exo planets Explorer 3D HD v2.6.4 Apk

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