High-Speed Camera – Burst Mode FULL v1.2.3 Apk


Capable of shooting up to 30 images per second!

Hold down the shutter button for continuous image shooting.
View captured images in a gallery and playback the sequence.
Supports forward and backward playback.

The high-speed imaging capability of this app allows you to capture events that unfold too fast to be captured by regular camera apps.

– Gallery
– Playback of image sequences
– Create GIF from images
– Zoom by pinch gesture or volume buttons
– Front facing camera support
– Select image resolution
– Silent, no shutter sound
– Focus by touching the screen
– Auto image rotation
– Easily share images

The following is available with in-app purchase:
– Flashlight (varies by device).
– High resolution
– Ad Free

Tips: Keep the camera steady while capturing high-speed images to get the best result. Ensure that the scene is well lit to reach the highest possible speed and avoid image smearing (e.g.: daylight, outdoors). The less light in the scene, the longer the camera’s shutter needs to stay open for capturing single frames (hence more time is required per image).

Hold down the capture button for high speed/burst mode image capture.
Photos will start saving as soon as you release the capture button.

To select all images in the gallery use the device options/settings button to show the menu.

The GIF creator function allows you to easily upload generated GIFs to social networking services.
Further, the GIF settings screens allows you to easily select a subset of the available photos and adjust playback direction, speed and image skip intervals.

Resolution settings indicated in screenshots may vary by device. It is advised that you experiment with different resolution settings to get the most out of the fast camera functionality. As indicated on the settings screen, high resolution images will, in some cases, lead to slower image capture and saving. Testing on high-end devices have however indicated that high resolution images does not affect capture speed (reaching 30 images/sec at full HD resolution).

We hope you enjoy this high-speed camera app with burst mode capability.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you experience any difficulties using this app, we are here for your support!
We will refund any purchase if we are unable to fix serious issues that you might experience.

Bottom line: If you want a fast camera, get this app!

Note: Flashlight and zoom features depend on device. Burst speed depends on device capability.
This app is intended to provide fast camera functionality,
to achieve this we can only provide certain (device specific) resolution settings.
Low-end devices may only get 10-15 images per second.

What’s New
1.2.3 – Added Exif image data. Improved stability.

Requires Android: 3.0 and up

  • More info from Google Play Store
  • High-Speed Camera – Burst Mode FULL v1.2.3 Apk


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