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King User v4.0.5 Apk

KingUser v4.9.2 Apk

King User v4.9.2 Apk just like SuperSU, King user will be installed in your system/app to manage your root access. This app requires you already have root access in your device.

  • Manage root access on your device at ease with new Material design
  • Uninstall in-built apps which takes up memory on your phone
  • Choose which apps runs on startup
  • Smart Authorization
  • How to install


KingUser Provides Unique Features Like :

  • Manage Root access on your device at ease with the new material design
  • Uninstall in-built apps which take up memory on your phone
  • Choose which apps to run at startup
  • Completely unroot your device
  • Smart Authorization

Feature of the latest version 4.9.2 of kinguser root APK

  • Kinguser root apk is free
  • This great Apk is the nice solution for key privileges authorization
  • Kinguser root allows to management root allows on your android, tablets and other smart phones.
  •  Kinguser root APK Increasing internal data protection mechanisms to stability.
  • Kinguser root allows to smart authorization

You can want to root your android devices and other smart phones .then you can download this amazing and useful root from given link below.

How to Install King User?

To install Kinguser APK go to your phone’s Settings > Security. Then check mark the box Unknown sources. Next, download the APK file in your device (or download in your PC then transfer to your device). Now tap on the APK file. If any warning pop up comes select yes.

Note that the app will ask for a lot of permissions. If you have knowledge about rooting, you will easily understand that these permissions are required to give you full control over your device. Anyway, if you are unsure about what the rooting means, you should probably make yourself familiar with the rooting process first. Check below video if you have got any problems in installing Kinguser apk.

How to unroot and remove Kinguser from the system?

Kinguser root with the kingroot app is very stable root in the android system. So the root works without any error in the system. But the removing process of root and kinguser is also a very easy process. Remove the Kingroot apk from the settings in phones settings menu or from the menu. After you remove the Kingroot app your phone automatically unroots.

King User v4.9.3 Apk


Download Purify Apk

Download Purify Apk

Super power saver with speed Booster

Purify apk is a very small tool that optimize the overall performance of the android devices and increases the device speed. It can put the background apps that are not in use to hibernation mode, so then it extends the battery life and saves battery usage. And also it manages the notifications in the notification bar. It display bulk notifications in one place, so then it is very easy to work with notifications.

Download Purify Apk

Features of Purify Apk

Battery saver

    • Purify apk puts the apps that are not in use to hibernation mode. It increases the memory space and also increases the performance of the phone. This is a very useful feature because it saves battery in a large amount.

Running speed Booster

    • The apps that starts automatically without your permissions, purify puts them in to hibernation mode. Purify removes running privillages of them. So then memory usage becomes lower and increases the running speed of phone.

Notification Manager

    • Purify puts all the bulk notifications in to one place. And it offers a very clean and clear notification bar. It helps to bulk manage the notifications. It blocks unwanted notifications and spams that displays in notifications bar. Purify helps to manage what notifications should display in notification bar.

Supports Multiple Languages

    • We should need to thank the purify team, now the purify supports multiple languages. It has been translated to 6 Languages including English, Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Bloatware Remover

  • Purify helps to remove all the bloatware that damage your phone. Purify can remove this unwanted bloatware and speed up the phone. It can take the phone to a very clean and clear state.

How Purify differ from the other boosting tools like CClearner and Green Booster?

CCleaner only removes junk files and Cache to clear up the storage, but purify can manage all the background apps. And with the hibernation features of purify it can boost very effectively than any other boosters. Other boosters may speed up for a short but in Purify it very effective performance improvement.

What’s new in Latest Purify APK ?

  • Non-Root working mode added. So now everyone can use purify without root.
  • Purify notication control switch added. So now notification managing feature can be turn off.
  • Running apps list added in Non-root mode, can know more about the device.
  • And there are lots of many new features added!


  1. Bagemana cara balikin yg sudh di uninstall dari king user.aplikasi saya pada ngak ada..cara ngabalikin apaliksi bgemana y

  2. Hiiiiiii plz plz plz help me how to root samsung galaxy star pro without pc i amusing kingroot this saying unavalaible stergy plz help me

  3. How to root my Gioone f103 I am use king root but it’s not work and I am downloading super super but I am started app to see installed binary what can I do

  4. Hello,
    I wonder how to Root the Samsung J3 (2016) Model: SM-J320F
    I have tested apps ( KingRoot, Root Checker ) rasarching position error, but all without success who has some method.
    You can Help me please how to Root my phone.

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