KitKat Launcher Prime v2.4 Apk


KitKat Launcher, is most closest stock Android Launcher. KitKat Launcher is currently the only launcher of Google Play Store, which has a Smart Transparent Status Bar with notifications for All Android 4.0+ devices.

KitKat Launcher Features:
1. Based on Android 4.4 Launcher.
2. Translucent Status Bar and Translucent Navigation bar for Android 4.4-5.0 Devices. (Free)
3. Google Now clone, like: Google Now Launcher.
4. Hide Apps in App Drawer.
5. Small/Original size KitKat icons and icon packs.
6. Show/Hide Search Bar.
7. Search Bar animations.
8. Play Store Icon near Google Search Bar.
9. Nexus 5 and KitKat Home Wallpapers.(KitKat Wallpapers)
10. Quick Action Popup Menu.
11. Fixed/Float Wallpaper.
12. Resize any widgets.
13. Restore default kitkat launcher theme.

Transparent Smart Status Bar with Notifications, Gestures and Transition Effects are FREE now.

KitKat Launcher Prime Promotion for Android 4.0-4.3 Devices. (%100 Free – No Ads!)
Android 4.0-4.3 Devices won’t get any more updates.

What’s New
✔ Unlocked all KitKat Launcher Prime features.
✔ Larus Launcher ads removed.
✔ Added user-friendly ads. (Excludes old KitKat Launcher Prime Users)
✔ Added Lollipop Transparent Status Bar for Android 5.0 devices.
✔ Added Lollipop Navigation Bar for Android 5.0 devices.

More info from Google Play Store

KitKat Launcher Prime v2.4 Apk

KitKat Launcher Prime v2.4 Apk


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