Layers Toolkit RRO Layers Substratum v3.0.9 Android


Layers Toolkit RRO Layers

They work on Layers RRO theme engine, so you must have a ROM that supports it (stock Marshmallow does). Like in all Layers themes, root is ALWAYS needed to install the overlays, and you should install BusyBox too.

Our intent is to make more and more mods easily install able and removable, without the need of reinstall the whole system if you want to remove them.

You will find the following mods divided in groups:

1) Column Settings (increases the number of columns in Settings):
– 1,2,3,4,5 Columns: the text near the icons gets hidden using the 5 columns layer.

2) General:
– Ambient Display SystemUI: needed to enable Ambient Display;
– FasterLongpressSystem: decreases the delay that the system waits to consider a tap as a longpress. Once installed you need to go into Settings, Accessibility, Touch & Hold delay, select one of the 3 options, otherwise the longpress won’t be changed at all;
– SilentNFC: NFC detection becomes silent. Useful for people who use NFC rings to unlock their phone.

3) NavbarDimens (it modifies the dimensions of navbar in both potrait and landscape).

4) ScreenANDAmbient:
– Ambient Framework: needed to enable Ambient Display;
– NoScreenOnWhenUnplug: makes the display keep turned off when you plug/unplug the cable;
– LockScreenRotation: enables the rotation in the lockscreen.

5) Stbar_PwMenu_Volume:
– DisableOrangeBar: navbar and statusbar don t become orange when powersave is enabled
– PowerMenùExtended: more options in the power menu
– DisableSafeVolume: when you wear headphone disable safe volume
– DisableVolumeKeySound:disable the sound when you click the volume button

6)N_Style_SystemUI: make your systemUI similar to android N;
– NoDivider: for all theme.
– Light_Divider: N_Style_SystemUI with divider for light theme version.
– Dark_Divider: : N_Style_SystemUI with divider for dark theme version.

7) Rounded Recents

8) Settings Card Dimens: You can modify the card dimens in settings

Layers engine doesn’t let to have more than 4 overlays for every single package.
If you exceed this limit by using a theme, for example,part of the overlays will not have effect or will cause bootloop. (if this happens, you can delete some overlays with recovery’s file manager. The overlays are located in /system/vendor/overlay/ )

#How To Install Ambient Display:
You need to install Ambient SystemUI plus Ambient Framework. If your ROM does have ambient display functionality, don’t use the ambient display overlays. They would be useless and could cause issues.

Install Substratum Theme Engine! Give consent for root permissions and try Substratum Toolkit! Select all the mods that you want and decide the various types. Install and restart (just a soft reboot)! Enjoy your new stock rom! 😀

Layers resources won’t be updated anymore, so:
1. Uninstall the Layers Toolkit app;
2. Uninstall all the overlays from Layers Manager’s uninstall section;
3. Uninstall Layers Manager;
4. Install Substratum Toolkit;
4. Install Substratum app ;
5. Open substratum app and from it configure the new toolkit like you want.


  • Read the description before install!!
  • Fixed Some Error and Some Mods.


Version: v3.0.9
Uploaded here: October 18, 2016
File size: 5.9M
Android version required: Varies with device
Developer: Varefaz

Download links

We recommend to purchase/buy this app from play-store or official website to enjoy App without interruption. This Apk file is for Trial/Home use only.





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