LightningWall Donate v3.1.2 Apk


This app is an firewall for the installed apps. Only apps with permission “android.permission.INTERNET” are shown. IPv4 and IPv6 are supported together with TCP and UDP. You could configure outgoing and incomming connections independent from each other.
The rules could be applied for each network: W-Lan, local network, mobile, roaming, unknown.
Logging is configurable for incomming/outgoing and allowed/denied connections.

* No iptables required, the kernel doesn’t need to support it.
* The firewall is active when Android starts, no startup data leak.
* The rules are always active, no re-apply on connection change is needed.

* Host names in the log file are PTR entries.

* Blue: Template is used.
* Yellow: Custom settings.
* Green: The app is trusted.
* Red: The app is blocked.

* No self-promotion in the app.
* You could trust or block an app (Menu/ActionBar)
* You could use a template for not configured apps
* Additional (experimental) networks: Bluetooth, WiMAX, Ethernet
* Tasker support, per App
* You support this app and further development!

* ACCESS_SUPERUSER: apply iptables rules

What’s New
Fixed a race condition on saving
Fixed a FC on loading

Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up

  • More info from Google Play Store
  • LightningWall Donate v3.1.2 Apk
  • LightningWall Donate v3.1.2 Apk


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