Pro Manager v1.1 Apk

Pro Manager Apk

Pro Manager v1.1 Apk is an amazing application for Android users. It functions as all of these apps in one: file manager, application manager, task killer, Backup Manager.

You can access all of your files from your mobile device and share them with others. This app makes it easy to manage your Files and Applications on your Android device.

Key features:

  • Multiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, Rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide
  • categorize, uninstall, backup, Send apps, get market link and create shortcuts to your apps
  • Built-in ZIP support allows you to compress and decompress ZIP files.
  • Built-in viewers and players for various file types, including photos, music
  • supports third-party applications, such as Quick office, for opening others
  • Open As Give the user free controlling feature to open the files.
  • Kill tasks with a single click, increase memory and speed up your device.
  • Root Explorer the ultimate set of file management tools for root users.
  • Provides access to the entire file system and all data directories, and allows the user to change permissions.
  • Widget high experience widget to easy search files, send, delete, share, email, bookmark and details.
  • List Mode and Grid Mode Bottom Bar for fast Switching and other operations.
  • Multi-Select Share ,Email and check file properties .
  • Built In PDF Viewer to for light PDF viewing .
  • Pro Search the entire file System within a few seconds for the file you are looking for.
  • Special Navigation Bar at the top for easy Navigation and fast Search Functionality.

Pro Manager v1.1 Apk

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  • More info from Google Play Store


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