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[root] FlashFire

Notes and hints to help you use it:
– No kernels or recoveries are flashed for FlashFire to run, Android is torn down and restarted in a minimalist manner for the flashing part of the app to run. I’m sure this will completely fail on some devices.
– A lot(!) of memory is used, likely the entire operation will fail on low-memory devices. I strongly suggest you make an ‘ID’ backup as the very first test and see if that works at all.
– Technically it should be compatible with 4.2, but note virtually all of the testing so far has been done on 4.4 and 5.0 firmwares.
– While development has focused so far on Samsung and Nexus compatibility and features, it should be able to function on many devices. Specific support for some other manufacturers is coming via updates soon.
– Individual files need to be named correctly (after their partitions) to be flashable or be contained in archives. Archive-wise, TAR and ZIP are supported. Compression-wise, ZIP, GZIP and BZIP2 are supported. These can be embedded inside each-other, so yes, you can directly flash the standard ZIP-inside-TGZ Nexus firmwares, as well as TAR-inside-ZIP Samsung firmwares. More formats are to come.
– Backups can be to internal, external (sd) or USB storage. The backups are compressed. There is no way of knowing if the backup will fit, you are not warned about this.
– Backups are standard TGZ’s for file-based, and plain GZIP’d for raw partitions
– For block-level OTAs, flash a stock system partition or restore a (raw!) system (and vendor) backup before applying the OTA. After the OTA action, create a (raw!) backup of system (and vendor). The latter will be restorable to apply the next OTA.
– The embedded SuperSU version installed by EverRoot is v2.46.

– Pro version is unlocked if you have Mobile ODIN Pro installed, but you still see an upgrade option. This is a (much cheaper) In-App Purchase you can optionally do, so you don’t need to keep MOP installed.

2016.03.22 – v0.29 – BETA
– Fix some compatibility issues with N Preview
– Fix app_process causing a reboot during startup
– Fix bug which could cause flashing /system to freeze
– Improve partition detection size accuracy
– Reduce app startup time
– Reduce time taken to switch to flash mode
– Add option to format /cache (wipe action)
– Improve external sdcard compatibility
– Improve adopted storage compatibility
– Improve USB drive compatibility
– Add additional OTA paths for NVidia
– Improve partition platform detection
– Add support for backing up internal storage (excludes FlashFire, TWRP and CWM backups)
– Fix error when opening bootloader image not wrapped in an archive
– Add setting to enable flashing primary and secondary bootloaders (automatically disabled)
– EverRoot: “Enable ADB” no longer enabled by default

App Info

Version: 0.29
Uploaded here: Oct 02 2016
File size: 11 Mb
Android version required: 4.2+
Developer: Chainfire

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