S Pen Planner v5.45 Apk

S Pen Planner Apk

S Pen Planner v5.45 Apk S Pen Planner is the second version of highly popular Fit Tight Planner (S Pen). The speed of saving and loading the canvas has been massively improved here, and many new technologies have been implemented.

S Pen Planner is like paper planner such that everyday in calendar has a place for you to write things. But with technology, S Pen planner is so so much more capable than what paper planners are cable of.

You navigate between between date’s notes by arrow buttons next to the current date in Day View and also by using the calendar to open&edit a note of a specific date.

You can add infinite number of pages per day, delete the current page, and move between the pages really easily. You can add S Pen Planner Widget, which is a Calendar View 4 x 3 widget, to your home screen.

If you want more calendar space, download S Pen Planner 2 and 3 to have separate calendars for different kinds of notes.


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