ShareDownloader Pro v2.3.19 Apk


ShareDownloader Pro v2.3.19 Apk

ShareDownloader Pro v2.3.19 Apk Share Downloader can also decrypt and process DLC Container. The download manager will resume the downloads after a connection crash automatically or waits as long as WLAN is not available. Of course you can process usual HTTP-downloads with ShareDownloader.

Key features:

  • Delete and rename files
  • Create, delete, and rename folders
  • Move files
  • Upload Manager
  • Upload files to the respective account
  • Download Manager
  • Parallel Download files
  • Resuming downloads after disconnection
  • Download to network path possible
  • Account Info
  • Information about the account, e.g. credit, traffic, points etc.
  • DLC Decrypter
  • DLC files can be extracted, decrypted and processed
  • Decryption takes place exclusively via the DLC server, not via third-party websites
  • Download History
  • Multi-Account support
  • Multiple accounts of the same type can be created
  • Decypter service
  • It can downloads directly when e.g Share links are added
  • Pro-Version
  • Integrated unpacker
  • zip , rar, 7z, bz2 , tbz2 and tar archives are supported
  • Remote Web Client
  • 9KW Captcha-Solver support
  • Click n Load support
  • Chrome and Firefox Remote plugin
  • Download-Widget

ShareDownloader Pro v2.3.19 Apk

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