Signal Guard Pro v4.0.0 Apk

Signal Guard Pro v4.0.0 Apk

Signal Guard Pro Apk download for Android. Signal Guard real time monitoring signal quality and working condition of your cell phone. It can give before head warning with ring, vibration and LED three methods, when signal abnormalities such as entering places like subway, basement, computer room, tunnels and uncorrected base band settings.

It can switch to the most powerful cell tower nearby. Combination of rational settings 2G,3G,4G base band. It will enhance signal stability and improve quality of connection.

Control WiFi connection real time, examine frequency channel, DBM and other information, change or erase connecting password, more effective and convenient than system WiFi management.

It can automatically analyse available wireless router frequency channels, give tips of conflicted and interferenced channels and available free ones, therefore solve the problem of slow WiFi network.

What’s new in v4.0.0 Apk

  • New LTE4G, Dual network signal display
  • New background of status bar
  • New auto refresh WiFi list
  • New graph dynamic list
  • Improved tower locking function
  • Improved report features
  • Improved user interface

Signal Guard Pro v4.0.0 Apk

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