SnoreLab Record Your Snoring v2.0.14 Apk

Simply set SnoreLab running whilst you sleep to record your snoring and to measure your Snore Score. Find out if your snoring is as bad as your partner says it is. If you then try some snoring remedies, or register some lifestyle factors, you can track how they impact your snoring, helping you to discover solutions.

  • Advanced snore detection algorithms
  • Records sound samples of your snoring
  • Measures snoring intensity
  • Compares snoring across nights
  • Tests the effectiveness of any snoring remedies that you use
  • Measures the impact of factors such as drinking alcohol on your snoring
  • Records sleep statistics
  • Optional full-night recording mode
  • Email sound files
  • Provides information about snoring remedies
  • Easy to use, no calibration needed


• Minor bug fixes
• Improved Japanese translations
SnoreLab is regularly updated to add new features and to fix issues. If you have any ideas for the app or encounter any problems please contact us on

SnoreLab Record Your Snoring v2.0.14 Latest


Android 4.0.x – Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)

January 21, 2018

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