Speechnotes Speech To Text v1.9 Apk

Super fast & efficient: punctuation marks can be either dictated by voice commands or single click-inserted with our unique punctuation keyboard. All that without ever stopping dictation type and dictate simultaneously.

  • Custom keys – instead of typing or dictating your name, signature, greetings or any other most-frequently used text simply stamp it using the custom-keys row on our keyboard..
  • Unlike other apps, where you have to click the mic over and over again for long dictations, Speechnotes will not stop even when you take longer breaks between sentences..
  • The clean elegant design, along with the non-stop voice recognition and other features means you can relax and focus on your thoughts and content..
  • Super accurate: using Google’s voice recognition engines..
  • Automatic spacing and capitalization. Auto saves every change. Single click to share your notes with any other app..
  • Offline (depends on device & settings)..
  • Fun & personal Fun font types and sizes for your choice. Dark & light modes – for battery saving or style..
  • Powerful speech-enabled (voice-typing) notepad, designed to empower your ideas and creativity..

This app is given for your usage and enjoyment AS-IS. We do our best to develop the best apps, but, as with any software, we might have errors and furthermore, we rely on Google as our service provider, which might change its software without notice. Therefor, we cannot be responsible for any data loss, or failure in the software’s performance. Furthermore, we rely on Google and Android as our speech recognition engine, so changes in their APIs might affect our app’s performance. Failures might happen without notice. We encourage you to test the app before purchasing. In general, purchases are not refundable. Subscriptions can be stopped at any time.

*Background smartphone image, edited based on image by GadgetsGuy and GalaxyOptimus collage. – Derivative work from [1], [2], and [3], CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47968311

For additional info & feedback, please contact us at admin@speechlogger.com,
For Speechnotes for PCs, iOS (on Chrome), desktops, laptops, go to https://speechnotes.co

Enjoy notes talking!


Some fixes based on your feedback. Thanks!
Prior to that we added 3 Amazing new features that you’ve asked for:
(1) Supports Bluetooth!
(2) Print directly from the app
(3) Export all files to SD card for backup or quick transfer to PC!!
Enjoy notes talking! 🙂

Speechnotes Speech To Text v1.9 Apk

We recommend to purchase/buy this app from play-store or official website to enjoy App without interruption. This Apk file is for Trial/Home use only.


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