Talking Caller ID + v2.27.0 Apk

Talking Caller ID + v2.27.0 Apk

Talking Caller ID + v2.27.0 Apk is an amazing app for Android users and devices. You can hear the name of the person calling you. This app also speaks person caller id and message.

Talking Caller ID also supports Bluetooth or wired headset and plays the caller name on your headset. Please note bluetooth functionality might not work on your phone depending upon bluetooth device or operating system.

It plays back the phone number when the caller is not in your contacts. The app is simple and useful. You can choose the language and the caller ID will speak the name and number is your language.

You can also use this app to find your phone even when it is on silent because it can announce the caller when ringer is off.

Talking Caller ID + v2.27.0 Apk

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