Tune Up Your Android! v2.1


Tune Up Your Android!

Tune Up Your Android! v2.1


Tune Up Your Android!

“It brings the best performance with one click”
% On Sale= 50% OFF %

+++ Works with any devices where you can remove the accu / battery +++

With this App you tune up your Android!

– start device faster
– apps run correctly
– remove unused RAM and CPU data
– clean up internal and external cache

+++ Do not worry, this app does not delete any data from you! It only cleans up your cell phone and eliminates errors +++


Examples to use:

When one of your Apps don’t work correctly, just start “Tune Up Your Android”, select “Clear RAM” and “Clear internal Cache”, than follow the instructions.

No WiFi or mobile data signal?
Just start “Tune Up Your Android”, select “Clear unused hidden storage” and follow the instructions.


Tune Up Your Android!
made in Germany

Tune Up Your Android! v2.1 apk

Requirements: 1.5 and up

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