Voice Training Pro v44 Android M Apk


Voice Training Pro Android M Apk

Voice Training Pro v44 Android M Apk : amazing application for Android users. Train your voice and be a better singer. App plays a note or phrase of notes, and you sing to it.

Key features:

  • Sing the Note Game
  • For beginners. Train your voice to sing in tune. Singer’s pitch training.
  • Sing the Phrase Game
  • Series of levels and lessons to increase range and perfection. Singer’s interval training.
  • Hold the Pitch Challenge
  • See how long you can hold a pitch. Scores are stored in Progress.
  • Free Sing
  • Sing and the keyboard will highlight to the appropriate pitch. Record your voice. Listen back.
  • Play music and sing along.
  • Interval Test
  • Practice for your music grade exams. Can you sing the suggested interval?

Voice Training Pro v44 Android M Apk

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