WifiFixerFree v0.9.2 APK

WifiFixerFree v0.9.2 APK

The description of WifiFixerFree

A tool to prevent Android Bug #2207: when connected to wifi, after some time you cannot access mobile data anymore, you have to switch to flight mode or 2G/3G. Using wifi all the time is more power efficient (5-10% battery drain over night using this tool), but this bug is very annoying.This tool will trigger a mobile connection for a few seconds, while still connected to wifi. The connection interval is configurable to minimize battery drain.

You can find the online help under http://goo.gl/FA6d2. For questions mail me, send bug reports or join this thread http://goo.gl/BmbCZ

Extensively tested on Nexus One (froyo), Samsung Galaxy 3 i5800 (eclair and froyo). Please report others.

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