Army Commando – 3D Shooting v1.2 [Mod Money/Ammo] Apk


An ex-army commando is on a mission to defend against the terrorist attack on navy ships containing exotic armory.

Act as the lone army commando employed on a navy contract to focus on & kill enemy. Infiltrate the possibility areas within the cargo ships the usage of completely different weapons to defeat your enemy. The 3D FPS taking pictures comprises interesting missions in numerous scenarios. Your companion AK-47 will assist you to useless shot each single enemy on the ship. Special guns like MK-11, M-16 and HK-33 will allow you to follow power to fortify the shooting experience in the navy shooting. Be a pirate assassin, inflict lethal strikes and use your army commando experience to encounter immense shooting to live on the struggle on the ships.

You’re a lone commando on this suicide killer capturing assault. This can be a do or die scenario for. Use your unique commando capturing abilities to combat the armed males & do away with the resistance with pressure. Combat in opposition to the terrorist and kill them all. Terrorist have targeted four cargo ships. They are in a contract to take down the US military supplies and armory containers, despatched to assist the army in the war invaded city. Trigger your fury, tools up with actual unique weapons and use them in opposition to the terrorist squad. Be the final word fight shooter to take out the undesirable males and finish because the survivor.

Complete all your tasks…. Over and Out!!!!

Mission 1: (CS Empress)
Experiences declare that a gaggle of terrorists has simply raged assault on one of the vital outbound cargo ships, looking to take regulate of the remaining vessels. Your job is to get on the ship and take out all terrorists.

Mission 2: (Cargo Infinitum)
A threatened terrorist from the first ship has leaked that some other staff has killed the militants on an armory ship and brought all secrets and techniques weaponry. Being the covert officer eliminate the enemy and acquire keep watch over of the weaponry.

Mission 3: (Marry Carrier Siege)
Headquarter intelligence revealed that the terrorists have retaliated against the covert op by attacking the second armory ship, which accommodates all of the secret blueprint models for the US nuclear technology. Eliminate the threat and secure the premises with the blueprints.

Mission 4: (BS Manhattan)
The enemy resistance is almost taken down however nonetheless many of them stay together with their Commander. They have rushed over to the closing supply ship. You can not keep on the ship anymore so you’re carried through a HELI. Your ultimate mission is to complete what they began and take down the remainder resistance shooting from your helicopter.

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