Colopl: Rune story Game

 Colopl Rune story Game
Game description:

– Engaging Story Quests
Interesting game Rune hours will reveal the mysteries of the Complete Story missions.
– Real-Time Co-Op Action RPGs

Regular puzzle solving, and a dragon fighting game exceeds all palm of the hand movements to control the action, perform spectacular combo attacks and skills.
– 100 More Unique Character Play
Fencer, Lancer, Warrior, Brawler, Sniper, Mage – hundreds of key characters and weapon combinations in six classes.
– Epic Bosses Fight with your guild

Be strong guild! Co-op quests to obtain special rewards Guild accumulate points.
– Own Unique Town Building
Upgrade your town to harvest resources to train and level up your structure and your team.
Legend has fallen seven centuries ago, the old runes runes in the sky infused with ancient magic he had, but a few remain. Airships fly the skies flying island Astore and numerous other islands in the world. If the End of the World, no one journey in an attempt to uncover the magical runes and use great run somewhere reached compass to guide your way.
Hundreds of battle-ready at your fingertips to create your own hero Rune Story Now! An epic adventure to attempt your friends, make your own society and live a deep action-role playing game! Be strong hero and the secret begins with all the talk of cat …
COLOPL NI offers Rune Story! Based on White Cat, the world capital of Japan’s big hit anime RPG Rune Story will take a role-playing fantasy unlike any other.

Version: Android 4.0 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[42 MB]

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