Destiny War v1.0.1 [Mod Attack / Health] Apk


“Destiny War”
【Sanguo warriors+hands on assault action+card raising for epic battle thrills】

“Destiny War”combines epic fights, card raising, and Sanguo (Three Kingdoms Chaos) warrior assaults of modern and precedent days created for gamers to experience a formidable motion thrill journey.

● Story
In 2020, the sacred knight is cast on the mysterious dimensional magic and deserted to the additional dimension when preventing towards evil spirits. After waking up, he surprisingly finds himself staying at The chaotic occasions of the top of Eastern Han (AD 184) when of Yellow Bandana Rebels rise, who are pillaging and destroying the Central Lands. Local officials and warlords are calling for brave men and women to lead the militia against the raging horde of rubbers and destroyers. The sacred knight role-played by game players join the militia by accident. You’ll begin from being a standard soldier, fighting your way through many challenges to be a grand normal major an excellent military. Participating famous historical battles after which elevating your standing along side CaoCao to search out the way home step by step within the large, dramatic Sango fights.

● Being an impressive Sanguo Warrior and create your dream group
.Gather playing cards through stages and events to gather famous warriors under your reign!
.Battle with firends and defeat not possible odds!
● Unique Team Kill Technique
.Change and appoint different Generals all the way through the battle to equip distinctive talents and make the best kill.
.Teammates can lend a hand grafting coherent
.Tremendous beautiful large-scale strikes for warrior talents
● A wealthy number of Cards
.Numerous supplies to level up warriors nature talents.
.Improve your talents and legendary equipment to ensure survival and conquest needs
● Free for all stages
.Participate all those legendary battles
.Over 200 stages with various difficulties.
● Attractive combat scenes, exciting BGM, and dynamic sound effects
.Presenting “Ace Warriors” with InterServ’s best technology, experience the game through visuals, sounds, controls, and other elements for an incredibly enjoyable experience.

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