Dungeon Gems v1.0.0n Apk

Dungeon Gems v1.0.0n Apk

Dungeon Gems Apk – Experience thrilling, fast paced puzzle game play with strategic RPG style role management. Easy to learn but hard to master.

Key Features:-

  • Drag your finger over Elemental runes. Link them in the puzzle to trigger magical Rune attacks from your heroes.
  • Link like colored Runes to launch focused attacks or.
  • Link differently colored Runes to unleash devastating multi element Rune attacks. But beware, these will cost you precious action points.
  • Discover 220+ powerful RPG heroes powered by different Rune types.
  • Choose wisely as each hero has a unique role and can launch elemental attacks but is vulnerable to specific Runes as well.
  • Power up your favorite heroes and evolve them into new, legendary forms.
  • Tower over your foes and slay the dragon with the help of your friends. Recruit them and in turn, be their savior in their darkest hour.
  • Choose your allies wisely, as you need the right kind of hero and their strength to defeat particular foes.
  • Compare your progress to your friends and gain bonuses when completing dungeons together.
  • Enjoy the exciting fantasy story line that takes you through the depths of the dungeons to the top of dragon tower.
  • Encounter Hero and Monster alike as you battle to unravel the mystery of the powerful sleeping dragons.
  • Master the power of the runes and the dynamics of each party role to free humanity from the Dragon menace.

Dungeon Gems v1.0.0n Apk

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