Gun Strike v1.4.6 Apk

Gun Strike v1.4.6 Apk

Gun Strike Apk – you are as a battle hardened mercenary to fight enemies using a variety of enemies. Totally 21 weapons, grenade and 3 armors can be bought in store. To make money by completing more tacks to buy batter equipments. There are 80 levels in 8 maps and 2 extra funny games.

Key Features:-

  • More than 20+ role modules performed a total of more than 30+ different acts
  • There are 8+ theme maps with totally new levels and dozens of enemy way points
  • Survival mode and 2+ extra mini can train player’s reaction
  • Variety of realistic dynamic physics effects, such as hit strike, explosion, death drop etc
  • Variety of particle effects with rhythmic background music and sound effects
  • 69+ achievements and 23+ leader boards to compete with global players

To master the reload time, switch the main and sub weapons timely and throw grenades to a group of enemies occasionally is an essential skill to get high score.

What’s New in v1.4.6 Apk

  • Other minor bugs fixed

Gun Strike v1.4.6 Apk

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