Infection Game

 Infection Game
Game description:

Depicting a traditional RPG in the near future ravaged by a huge meteorite.
an entirely new and beautiful world depicted dark end of the world and a powerful story.
The story above because suddenly flew a large meteorite, half of the world’s population “demons” has turned into a ravaged world, it is located.
People around the world now live in despair and have lost all hope.
And now, a new demon is about to be born.
This demon’s father, Norman, turning into a demon, girl, going to a certain town in order to save Lily.
Explore the world gets destroyed by demons and create various equipment items.
The game “Discovery” in the main section, with no overly complex skills, you can enjoy a variety of mechanical and full of real war.
“Synthesis”, while the “Exploration” which can be mixed to create unique equipment items.
Synthesizing them, and extend the capabilities of your equipment created directly in the synthesis level rises.
Also, a character-specific skills class, combining skills and equipment, the possibilities are endless.
In addition, the discovery by investigating elements obtained, it is possible to get funds and rare items.

Version: Android 2.3 and higher
Format: .apk
Size:[33 MB]

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