Light Apprentice v1.0 Apk

 Light Apprentice v1.0 Apk

Light Apprentice Apk – meet Nate and take part in his journey through a kind of Comic GameBook like you have never experienced before. After 300+ years in a deep sleep, Nate wakes up to a world ravaged by war. The Planet’s environment is damaged and on the course to destruction.

Only Nate and the 4 other last remaining Apprentices may have the key to restore balance to the Planet’s environment, thus saving the world.

Key Features:-

  • A comic book game in which you can make your own choices that affect the story
  • Build your characters based on your own choices, be a warrior or a pacifist
  • Collect items and equipment to improve your stats
  • Engage or spare the life of several kinds of monsters and bosses
  • Epic, action based storyline
  • Cloud system to save your progress

Light Apprentice v1.0 Apk

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