Terra Chroma v1.01 Apk


Terra Chroma Apk download for Android users. It  combines a riveting puzzle mechanic with RPG elements for a game play experience like no other. Players learn elemental magic skills to defeat increasingly challenging puzzles as they delve further into a rich story world.

An inventive approach to touch screen puzzling where players cast different type of magic puzzle pieces to navigate across consistantly evolving terrains filled with obstacles.

Explore the massive beautifully rendered world of sunyata, full of exotic locales each with their own style, culture, and eccentric characters. Discover the powerful magic that holds sunyata together and threatens to tear it apart.

Develop your characters abilities by leveling up on different skills, increasing endurance, buying various items, and adding characters to your team to meet the challenging your encounter.

Terra Chroma v1.01 Apk

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  • Terra Chroma v1.01 Apk


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