Toggelis Waze Editor v1.7.8 Apk

This an a mToggelis Waze Editor v1.7.8 Apkap editor for the Waze Android application used by the Waze community.

Toggelis Waze Editor lets you modify and share your Waze color schemes visually.
The current version is compatible to Waze 4 only, it won’t work with Waze 3.x. However, Waze 3 color schemes can be imported and used with Waze 4.

Feature list:

Editable road color
Clickable preview map
Editable road width
Editable border sizes
Automatically convert 3.x schemes to 4.x
Copy / paste / import / export and share schemes
Edit navigation routes (stop routes, shared routes)
Manual language choice or system language
Import from Gmail attachment
Compatible Android 4.0.3 – 5.X
Not compatible Android 6.X Marshmallow (Waze on Marshmallow does not allow the modification of color schemes)

For a detailed feature list please go to

This program is not affiliated with Waze or Google.
Compatible : Waze 4 on Android 4.0.3 – 5.X (not marshmallow).

Toggelis Waze Editor v1.7.8 Apk


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