HTC releases the Sense 6 Lock Screen into the Play Store


It seems HTC latest hobby is to release their built-in apps to the Google Play Store. This allows them to more easily update things like the Blinkfeed launcher without sending a full OS update to devices. They’ve even made some of the apps available to all Android users, but most are HTC-only. Today they released another such app into the Play Store: Sense 6 Lock Screen.

Android News – The lock screen on Sense 6 devices is a very handy feature. It gives you the date & time, plus weather, and calendar events. The best feature, however, is the ability to instantly launch into the apps you have placed in the dock. Also, if Blinkfeed is your thing you can swipe right into it from the lock screen. Every manufacturer has their own version of the lock screen, but HTC might have the best.

There is nothing new about the version in the Play Store right now…yet. HTC will be able to add news features much easier now. If you have an HTC device be sure to download the app below.

Download HTC Lock Screen (Play Store)



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