Veu PA CM11 Theme v2 Apk

Veu PA CM11 Theme v2 Apk

Veu PA CM11 Theme Apk – is only for use with theme chooser or theme engine. A custom Rooted ROM with theme engine/chooser is required to run this application.

Veu is made to provide you a whole new experience. Almost each and every visible element of the Android interface is themed. Even the tiniest detail has got utmost attention in order to achieve perfection. Glowdots, seekbars, separators, dots, Everything was taken care of.

Those who uses a device with 512 MB or less RAM, I recommend not applying the boot animation.

Themed Items:-

  • Gmail and Email
  • Contacts, People
  • Dialer
  • Phone
  • Hangouts
  • WhatsApp Messenger
  • Lightbulb
  • Holo Dark and Holo light values
  • Notification backgrounds
  • Action bars
  • Overflow buttons
  • Menu dropdowns and much more
  • Veu Spinners
  • Veu Switches
  • Recent kill icons
  • Group buttons and toggles
  • Volume panel dropdown icons


Important Note: Only for use with Theme Chooser / Theme Engine. A custom rooted ROM with Theme Engine / Chooser is required to run this application. If you do not understand these terms, this application is not for you.

#1 Top New Selling Apps – Personalization – Play Store ~ 2 days since release.
Veu’s color changing ability operates through it’s beautiful new application. As soon as you fire it up, you’re presented with a clean and bold menu which guides you through 3 different options at the moment as you can see in the first frame of the promo image. Veu currently comes in 8 different colors – Persian Red, Azure Radiance, Slate Spruce, Torch Pink, Mars Orange, Nova Yellow, Atlantis Green & Electric Violet.

Veu PA CM11 Theme v2 Apk

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  • More info from Google Play Store


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