Heavenly Skies v1.2 Apk

Heavenly Skies v1.2 Apk

Heavenly Skies Apk dreams is an amazing live wallpaper for Android users. May be the man who stand on another planet, see the sky similar to that of the wallpaper. Run imagination, close your eyes and smile.

In this Live wallpaper you may use fully 3D skies. Dynamic clouds, wind, meteors. leaves, flowers and more. You may change colors, scenes and many other options.

Key Features:-

  • 17+ predefined scenes
  • 8+ background Heavenly Skies
  • 7+ leaves and flowers colors
  • 7+ Blurred leaves and flowers colors
  • 18+ Aurora and colors
  • 6+ meteors types and colors
  • 5+ Flashing stars colors
  • Dynamic clouds, wind

What’s New in v1.2 Apk

  • Gyroscope camera move if available
  • New 3+ backgrounds as Deep space, Morning sky, Calm sky
  • Branches on or off

Heavenly Skies v1.2 Apk

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